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Darwish Criminal Defense Attorney

Sell/offer by Sabrina Darwish. Posted 4-Nov

Darwish Criminal Defense Attorney

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Location:Sydney, Nova Scotia
Name:Sabrina Darwish


2107 N. Broadway Suite 308, Santa Ana, CA 92706

Phone: (714) 887-4810

Website: https://www.criminallawyer-

Hour: 24/7

Year : 2008

Keywords: Criminal Defense
AttorneyAssault & Battery,Domestic
Violence,Driving Offenses,DUI ,Underage DUI,DUI
Defenses,DUI Penalties,Multiple DUI,Drug
Violations,Theft Crimes,Petty Theft,Armed

Description: For over 10 years, Sabrina
Darwish has dedicated herself to representing
the defense side. She graduated from UCLA with
a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and a
Specialization in Economics. She then went on
to pursue her dream of becoming a lawyer by
obtaining her degree from Loyola Law School in
Los Angeles. She started her career as a Deputy
Public Defender in Riverside County—fighting
every day to represent her clients in countless
cases ranging from petty theft and DUI to
felonies such as transportation of controlled
substances and corporal injury on a spouse. She
successfully defended her clients at trial and
at preliminary hearings.After the Public
Defender’s office, Ms. Darwish moved on to work
as an associate for a prominent Orange County
defense attorney. There she was instrumental in
getting various charges dismissed for her
clients ranging from domestic violence to
attempted rape. Ms. Darwish genuinely cares for
all her clients and always works tirelessly on
each and every case.Darwish Law exclusively
practices criminal law and is dedicated to
providing the best possible defense for you.




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