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Sell/offer by Yogada Ashram. Posted 4-Apr.


Services / Health / Well-Being

Location:Uttarakhand / Tehri Garhwal
Price:Rs. 1,499
Name:Yogada Ashram

Namaste & Welcome to Yogada Ashram in the Himalayas
providing yoga and meditation training to new and
experienced yoga teachers in Rishikesh. We are a unique
Ashram style Institution with Guru Shishya Parampara
(tradition) with ethnically designed Ashram on the Banks of
the holy Ganga river in the Himalayas, where we all learn
amidst pure nature.

Yoga – The time tested Ancient Indian science for Body,
Mind & Soul took birth in these part of Himalayas several
thousand years ago and has been passed from a lineage of
sages orally and in various written texts such as Veda,
Upanishads, Patanjali Yog Sutra, Gherand Samhita, Hath
Yog Pradeepika etc.

After working & exploring for two decades Yogada bring you
this ancient Knowledge in the purest & primitive form and
give you the most Authentic & Rare learning experience
amidst pure nature in the Himalayas, – the birth place of

Our Yoga Teachers Training Course 300 hours, not only give
you the firsthand knowledge of the this tradition, but guide
you to perfect health & making you fit and in sync with the
universe through rare techniques, so that your teachings
can carry forward this ancient tradition in its original &
purest form.
Our Courses

300 Hours Yoga Teachers Training Courses : 39 Days
course inclusive of boarding and lodging at Yogada – An
Ashram Style Yoga & wellness Retreat in the Himalayas,
with intensive training course.

Certification: All the seekers completing the course will be
awarded Certificate by a team of rare and highly qualified
teachers, scientists, trainers & healers in the entire country
with 200 Hours Yoga Teachers Training Certificate from
Yogada – in the Himalayas – Certified YTTC 200/ 300 hours
School from Yoga Alliance USA .

For Course details & availability please email with your
month of attending the course.
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