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Book Badrinath Package with Uttarakhand Holidays Pvt. Ltd

Sell/offer by bhandariseo. Posted 12-Feb.

Book Badrinath Package with Uttarakhand Holidays Pvt. Ltd

Tours, Travel & Transport / Others: Tours, Travel & Transport

Location:Tamil Nadu / Chennai
Price:Rs. 8,000

Badrinath Package with UHPL
A panoramic sight as well as the most important
of all the Char Dhams is Badrinath Dham which
is located between the two mountains Nar and
Narayan. One of the holiest of the holy shrines
of India Char Dham Religious Sites is the pre-
eminent abode of God Vishnu. Before the
boundary of India ends and that of Tibet starts
one of the last villages is the Mana Village
which is around 3km from Badrinath. Neelkanth
peak stands strong spreading its mighty aura
for all visitors and devotees alike. A land of
myriad legends which is each one only adding to
the glory of the place is Badrinath. The one
meter tall statue of God Vishnu in the form of
God Badrinarayan that is cast in black stone of
“Shaligram” is the main attraction of Badrinath
Dham. Badrinath has numerous mythical tales
associated with it which being one of the most
legendary Temples. As per the one mythological
tale God Vishnu had performed rigorous
atonement at the place. He was unaware about
the severe weather conditions during his
intense meditation. His spouse Goddess Laxmi
acquired the shape of Badri tree and spread
over him to protect him from the scorching heat
of the sun. Also related to the tale of the two
sons of Dharma who was the Nar and Narayan who
wished to setup their expand and hermitage
their pilgrimage base amidst the sacred
Himalayas is Badrinath Dham. During their quest
to find a suitable While on their way to heaven
also said that the Pandavas of the holy epic
Mahabharata climbed via ‘Swargarohini’ which is
famously known as the ascent to heaven and
north of Badrinath, Mana town is Badrinath. The
intensity of Ganges River was such that it
could have immersed the entire earth under its
waters while ascending to earth. The Ganges
River got divided into 12 holy rivers and
Alaknanda River that flows past the pious
Temple Badrinath that was one of them and God
Shiva bore her onto his untimely and tresses to
release the earth from such unbearable
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