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Eureka is the best review center in the
Philippines. It aims to help students needing
additional help as well as those who seek to
advance their academic level through
challenging materials focused on addressing
certain academic areas. Eureka believes that
tutorials are for everyone. A common
misconception that we have with regards to
tutoring is only students who are “weak”
academically need tutorials. While some
students do seek tutorials because of “need”,
even students who are already doing well in
school can benefit from tutorials. There are
several factors that contribute to a student’s
inability to understand lessons inside the
classroom or for a student not to perform well
in spite of obvious intellectual capabilities.
Eureka's Tutorial Programs are meant to
pinpoint those “cracks” in a school’s system by
individualized programs that are tailored to
specifically address concerns that are
difficult, even impossible, to address in a
classroom setting.
A Young Choi: I believe that eureka is best
review center in the Philippines
“Eureka! Tutorials and Learning Center has
helped me a lot to become a better student.
The teachers were all kind and friendly and
that helped me have a fun time while studying.
They were also very determined in helping me
improve in my studies. They were excellent in
their respective subject areas and taught me
all the things I needed to learn to receive
high scores in SAT, TOEFL and various College
Entrance Exams. The materials were
comprehensive and well- prepared, thus helping
me boost up my knowledge and excel in tests. I
want to thank all of them for helping me
achieve many things!
A Young Choi
Grade 11(Southville International School and
Times have changed. Technology enabled
advancement in almost every field of learning.
These changes are evident in curricula followed
by schools around the world. Eureka, as one of
the centers providing advance tutorials for
some of the most rigorous programs in the
world, including the International
Baccalaureate Program, the Advance Placement
Programs, and the IGCSE, belongs to an elite
group of tutoring centers that offer higher
level of instruction necessary to push the
Philippines further and make it at par with the
rest of the world. As evidence of this
reputation, many of Eureka’s students are well
known for their academic excellence.
Valedictorians, Salutatorians and honor
students from well reputable international
schools as well as elite local schools have
trained and studied in Eureka in order to
challenge themselves. Likewise, Eureka has
witnessed remarkable transformations from
students who used to be failing in school but
have improved their grades significantly. These
transformations have continuously inspired us
to pursue our goals.
Eureka is one of the best tutorial centers in
Paranaque and Metro Manila. This audacious
claim is an assertion that we at Eureka can
back with results. For years; Eureka Tutorial
has consistently produced students who are
matriculated to the best universities in the
country and all over the world. Eureka Tutorial
and Learning Center provides English grammar
tutorial, English speaking/speech tutorials,
Math tutorials including,Calculus tutorials,
Algebra Tutorials, and SAT Math 1 and 2
Tutorials. It likewise offers tutorials for
Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Earth Science.
All major subjects offered in the K-12 system
are also offered in Eureka.
Eureka offers three modes of tutorials: center-
based tutorials, online tutorials, and home-
based tutorials. Thus, learning can be
anywhere and anytime.
Eureka prepares its students towards success.
Whether it is to prepare for all the
standardized examinations and admission tests,
or to get a firmer grasp of the subjects taken
in schools, Eureka provides the most
appropriate approach that the students need.
Aside from the cutting-edge education
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