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Coffee Vending Machine Business

Sell/offer by joel chua. Posted 23-Oct

Coffee Vending Machine Business

Business Opportunities / Home Based Business

Location:Quezon City
Price:PHP 1
Phonenumber: (02) 961 1608
Name:joel chua

Coffee Vending Machine Business

Barista Choi Vending Solutions Inc. is a fast-
growing company established in 2010. Aiming to
have more than 100 distributors nationwide,
Joel Chua, the creative mind behind the
mushrooming coffee vendo machine everywhere is
carefully positioning Barista Choi and
elevating it to be the leading coffee vending
machine business. The primary products offered
by the company are a coffee vending machine and
specially formulated powdered coffee flavors.
Available at strategic locations characterised
by dense populations of a wide market segment,
the company has achieved market recognition for
being an aggressively growing business. Barista
Choi offers coffee vending machine business
opportunities to target markets such as
bakeries, sari-sari stores, transport
terminals, hospitals and more, as an additional
profit generating opportunity complimenting
existing businesses and service providers.
Filipino Coffee Culture
The topic of COFFEE is endless. The experience
of COFFEE is infinite. But each specific aspect
of COFFEE is as distinct as the role coffee
plays in our culture. It is part of everyday
life for the Filipino. From breakfast, to
lunch, to dinner - the taste, the aroma, and
the appearance is felt and experienced. The
enjoyment of the conversation between friends,
colleagues and couples is often over a cup of
coffee. Regardless of the activity, coffee
allows us to savour the moments even more.
According to research, coffee is the second
highest consumed beverage in the Philippines
next to water. Each day 21,600,000 cups of
coffee are consumed, thats 250 cups a
second.That’s a lot of coffee, a lot of
conversations, and a lot of good memories to
drink to.
[Insert images/scenery depicting the pleasure
and enjoyment of Filipinos drink and sharing a
cup of coffee]
The Simple Business of Coffee
As defined as the culture of coffee is, so is
its potential for business. The diversity of
coffee presents so many unique coffee business
opportunities. In a country serious about our
coffee, passionate about life and open to
entrepreneurial opportunities, having a coffee
business makes sense.
Starting and managing a successful coffee
business doesn’t have to be complicated.
Starting simple is a great beginning to a
successful business venture. That business is a
coffee vending machine business. That’s right,
owning your own coffee vending machine business
is the first step to being a successful coffee
business owner. Its potential for good profit
is every single day. The simplicity of the
business is what is even more interesting and
explains the reasons why the coffee vending
machine business is a good consideration for a
long-term and stable business.

The key element to the Barista Choi coffee
vending machine business is the distinct coffee
flavours exclusively distributed by Barista
Choi and specially formulated to provide the
highest quality of coffee drinking experience
to its clients. The ingredients used in the
formulation of each of the six (6) flavour
variations are sourced from only the best
suppliers and strictly within the guidelines
and standards of the FDA.
Enjoy the adventure and pleasure of 6 unique
flavour variants. Select any three (3) of the
flavours and target your pleasure preference.
1. Chocolate
2. Coffee
3. Caramel
4. Creamy Milk Tea
5. Mocha Cappucino
6. White Coffee
A value that is clearly defined in this
business model is the machine that delivers the
product to our valued clients. The Barista Choi
coffee vending machine business provides its
products to it clients through a simple
dispensing machine which requires a single
five-peso coin and a several seconds to present
the client with the flavourful coffee that will
sure bring pleasure to the taste buds and a
smile of satisfaction on one’s face.
Barista Choi coffee vending machine business
only uses one brand of
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