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Gold and Diamond Detector MEGA GOLD

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Gold and Diamond Detector MEGA GOLD

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Gold and Diamond Detector MEGA GOLD
The world 's most innovative technology in the
field of gold detection and gold treasures,
through high - precision technology specialized to
detect the golden treasures accurately explored in
all high terrain and difficult terrain.
The system is ranked first in the world by all the
German and international bodies for exploration
and exploration, because the device is
characterized by the latest systems with 100%
accurate accuracy without any error rate, as in
the traditional devices scattered, and not
affected by rocks or wrong signals Which are
emitted from Earth
The MEGA GOLD is designed to suit all researchers
and prospectors. It is equipped with a handle that
allows easy movement while searching. Also, there
is a distinctive color display (LCD) that allows
users to control the device with ease and choose
the right search system without trouble
Golden Detector Group, the exclusive agent in the
Middle East,
To order and inquire, please call: 00971507737755
The device reaches a distance of 2000 meters and a
depth of 30 meters underground
Search Systems
The device operates on one system - the long-range
sensor system
This system is highly accurate and discriminates.
A precise detection and monitoring system to
signal your arrival at the target via the
intelligent digital sensor steering screen. When
you capture a target, the search antennas will aim
towards the target and the user will be able to
walk towards the target until the target is
completely above the target,
The long-range sensor system operates on four
accurate programs that can determine the type of
target to be searched for
Gold Detecting Program
Crude Gold Detection Program
Silver detection program
Diamond Detection Program
The device is equipped with a pre-defined depth-
sensing system with ease before working on the
device, in addition to the feature of the
identification of the target of the front range by
choosing the search distance to be detected in any
accuracy according to the area to be explored
whether the mountain or the low or rivers or land
within Concrete buildings
The device is available in 8 languages
Golden Detector is a free shipping service and
payment service is available upon receipt
Regards with management and engineers
Golden Detector Group of Companies
We strive to provide the best in your hands
because you are our best
For more information please contact our customer
service on the following :
Wahtsapp - viber : 00971507737755
Wahtsapp – Contact : 00971503380055
Address: United Arab Emirates - Abu Dhabi -
Alzahia - Tourist Club Road - Opposite Abu Dhabi
Mall Shlila Building. 7th Floor - 704 Sales
Free delivery and payment upon receipt
Detector device for Gold and diamond

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