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Ground Gold Detector Gold seeker

Sell/offer by amira gaber. Posted 19-Mar

Ground Gold Detector Gold seeker

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Price:PHP 10
Name:amira gaber

Ground Gold Detector Gold seeker

Gold seeker with pulse induction, The device
reaches a depth of 3.5 meters underground
Golden Detector Group is the exclusive agent in
the Middle East
Offers to you German Gold seeker
For ordering and inquiry – 00971507737755
The system is the easiest to use and the latest
and most accurate to detect gold, dolphins, rough
gold and ancient coins in the ground
Gold seeker is a system that distinguishes between
precious and non precious metals
Added to this device is the ground induction
feature capable of generating current (Eddy
Current) (transmitter and receiver))
When the device is operating, it sends a signal to
the D-Coil, which in turn generates an Eddy
Current signal. This creates spiral waves and
amplifies them to more than 1000 beats per second
to help the device to cover more depth with the
signal analysis of the target to distinguish the
metal The finder is precious or not valuable
A unique feature of this device is calibration
with the ground to ensure that it is not affected
by any signs of moisture in the soil, mineral
rocks or land containing mineral salts or solid
Gold Seeker Technical Specifications
- Gold seeker is operated by pulse induction
- Calibration system with ground
Functions of the light indicators on the control
panel within the device handle
Red light indicates the existence of non-precious
metals (ferrous)
Green light indicates the presence of non-ferrous
A tune button with a blue indicator and its
function is to raise the sensory range of the disk
to reach deeper depths
- Contains a class search
The large dish (28 cm x 28 cm): specializes in
large metal detectors
The small dish (15 cm x 15 cm): specializes in
small metal detectors
- Battery operated BT 144
- Up to 3.5 meters in the ground
- Has the potential to penetrate the layers of the
ground to the depths of the difficult access to
many devices to access
- Works in various types of terrain and in the
most difficult climatic conditions
- The device is not affected by all types of soils
and rocks
- The entire weight of the device with bag and
accessories (7.5 kg) only
- This device is designed to suit its work in all
countries and territories
- Two years warranty from the date of purchase
- One of the best German industries holds CE
certificate in accordance with international
Golden Detector is a free shipping service and
payment service is available upon receipt
Regards with management and engineers
Golden Detector Group of Companies
We strive to provide the best in your hands
because you are our best
For more information please contact our customer
service on the following :
Wahtsapp - viber : 00971507737755
Wahtsapp – Contact : 00971503380055
Address: United Arab Emirates - Abu Dhabi -
Alzahia - Tourist Club Road - Opposite Abu Dhabi
Mall Shlila Building. 7th Floor - 704 Sales
Free delivery and payment upon receipt

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