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Ideas of how to celebrate the arrival of a new born baby

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Ideas of how to celebrate the arrival of a new born baby

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Celebrating a new born baby or the arrival of a
new born baby has always been a blessing to any
couple. Happiness and excitement are amongst
the many feelings associated in this miraculous
biological event. Families come together to
celebrate the coming of a new baby.

So how do parents, grandparents, family members
and friends celebrate the arrival of a new born
baby? To help you out we gathered a few ways to
celebrate a new born baby’s arrival.

1. First on our list is the baby shower. This
is very popular in our country. Usually the
mother prepares this or preferably she may
delegate this task, sends invitations to
friends and family members, regarding the much
anticipated coming new born baby. At this time
the couple should have known the gender of the
baby for the invitations and theme of the
party. This celebration is actually quite
important as this also helps the mother prepare
before her baby comes. This should be set 3 to
4 weeks before she gives birth to give her more
time to prepare or buy other things that she
may need.

There are a lot of fun games that could be
conducted during a baby shower. One of our
favorites is the Put the Baby Items in the Bag.
This is very simple and fun game.

Keep guests guessing with this practical game.
Put at least ten common, useful baby items
inside a diaper bag; For example a bib,
teething ring, rattle, bottle and diapers are
just a few baby goodies that are also fairly
inexpensive. These are just examples you can
add just about anything related to the
occasion. Give each guest a pen and paper
before passing the diaper bag around. Now what
is essential or fun is for each participant to
guess items in the bag without looking. What
they can do or what each participant can do is
to stick his or her hand inside the bag and
identify as many items as possible. It’s up to
you how much lead time you can give them but
making it short such as 1 minute or may be less
can increase the fun and excitement.

You can give each player 1 minute to feel the
items and make their guesses before moving the
bag to the next person. Once everyone has had
his turn, get all the items back and check who
had the most correct answers. The winner should
get a prize and all players should have had fun

Before we get excited let us not forget to
decorate the baby shower venue. For this
particular celebration, decorations and table
centerpieces are essential. Again who doesn't
want flowers and their scents?

We suggest Single Rose Arrangements a well-
designed table centerpiece has an almost
magical ability to pull a party theme together.
Find inspiration and instructions in this
collection of ideas, and have fun exercising
your creativity as you craft these fun,
elegant, and cute baby-shower centerpieces.

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