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Valentine’s Day, Valentine’s Gifts with free Flower Delivery

Sell/offer by Flower Patch. Posted 13-Feb

Valentine’s Day, Valentine’s Gifts with free Flower Delivery

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Name:Flower Patch

It’s the love month again and it’s time for
flowers, gifts, romance and love. February 14,
Valentines day is also known as Le jour de la
Saint-Valentin in french ,Valentinstag in
German and Día de San Valentín in Spanish.
Valentine’s day is known all over the world and
is celebrated by everyone, Celebrated by people
from all walks of life, the young the old,
friends, love ones and most specially everyone
who is in love
This year Valentine’s Day will fall on
a Wednesday. So before we continue with our
article we would like to offer our free flower
delivery in the Philippines in Makati, Pasig,
Mandaluyong, Pasay, Marikina, San Juan, Manila,
Pateros, Taguig, Quezon City, Paranaque, Cainta
Rizal, Taytay Rizal, Caloocan, Malabon,
Navotas, Valenzuela, Fairview, Novaliches, Las
Piñas and Muntinlupa. If you order now or make
reservations we can do this for you even on
Valentine’s Day. We have same day delivery
within metro manila and our store hours are
from 8:00 am to 9:00 pm. For Metro Manila
areas, we offer same day delivery and our daily
cut off is within 1pm. If you make your order
at around 2pm onwards it will be scheduled for
the next day or the day you wish for delivery.
Please note that sometimes changes may occur so
we highly suggest that you call our office to
verify the exact date and time of delivery.
We are releasing this notice simply because we
know how important this day is. We would like
to offer you all our available flowers ahead of
time so you can prepare and make your plans
exactly the way you want it, on the date and on
Amongst our best sellers this Valentine’s Day
FP-B37R 6pcs Aromatic Gerberas, with Beautiful
Mums in a reusable Box price at 2,095.00, FP-
B35R 6pcs Breathtaking Gerberas & Bright
Carnation in a reusable Box price at
2,195.00, FP-B304 Bouquet of 4 Dozen Brilliant
Red Roses with 1 stem of Captivating Casablanca
price at 9,495.00, FP-B54 1 Dozen of Charming
Carnations price at 2,795.00, FP-B60 6 Cheerful
Carnations and 9 Classic Gerberas price at
3,095.00, FP-B74 2 Delicate Stargazers and 6
Delightful Gerberas price at 3,395.00, FP-B81 1
Dozen of Elegant Gerbera + 1 Enchanted
Casablanca price at 3,595.00, FP-B91 6
Extravagant Gerberas price at 1,695.00, FP-
B96 6 Eye-catching Gerberas + 1 Stem of
Fragrant Casablanca price at 2,495.00 and FP-
B99 6 Fresh-cut Long Stemmed Red Roses + 12
Freshly picked Carnations + 6 Garden-fresh
Gerberas + 1 Stem of Gorgeous Casablanca Lily +
Mesmerizing Mums price at 6,095.00
The most sought after flowers but are very rare
are the following:
FP-B258 Bouquet of 1 Dozen Radiant Gerbera with
Sophisticated Mums and Alstroemerias price at
3,195.00, FP-B283 Bouquet of 2 Dozen Stunning
Bangkok Roses (1 Doz. Yellow, 1 Doz Lilac)
price at 7,895.00, FP-B290 Bouquet of 2 Dozens
Unique Korean Rose and 1 Dozen Timeless Gerbera
price at 7,095.00, FP-B241 Bouquet of 2 Dozens
of Pink Vibrant Roses price at 4,695.00, FP-
B264 1 Dozen Aromatic Yellow Imported Bangkok
Rose price at 4,395.00, FP-B100 6 Beautiful
Stems of Carnation and 6 Breathtaking Gerberas
price at 2,795.00, FP-B165 1 Dozen Bright
gerberas + 2 Stems of Brilliant Stargazer Lily
price at 4,395.00, FP-B177 6 Captivating Spray
Carnations, 6 Charming Long Stemmed Pink Roses,
4 Cheerful Gerberas price at 4,595.00, FP-
B201 1 Dozen Classic Gerbera + 2 Stems of
Delicate Stargazer Lily price at 4,495.00
and FP-B208 6 Delightful Gerberas + 1 Stem of
Elegant Stargazer Lily price at 2,595.00
Now if you want to be different and unique we
suggest FP-B20R 3 Dozen Enchanted White Rose in
a in a Reusable Box price at 6,895.00, FP-
B19R 18pcs Extravagant Assorted Rose and 9pcs
Eye-catching Ferero in a in a Reusable Box
price at 4,495.00, FP-B21R 4 Dozen of Fragrant
Red Rose in a in a Reusable Box price at
8,795.00, FP-B22R 2 Dozen of Fresh-cut Red Rose
with 2 Dozen of Delicious Ferrero Rochers
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